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Purchase Order

Softerra accepts Purchase Orders issued by corporate customers, educational institutions and government agencies.

Please email your order on your company's letterhead to Softerra Sales Department and include the following information for us to process your order as soon as possible:

  • Purchase Order number
  • Your company's billing address
  • Package type and services you'd like to order
  • License holder's name, company and email address
  • "Ship-to" email address
  • Buyer's name, tel. number, and email address
  • Email address for invoices
  • Authorized signature

If you include all required information, your order will be processed within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

Softerra Adaxes is electronically delivered software (EDS). Please make sure you have specified the correct shipping method and a valid email address on your PO, and included no sales or local taxes.

To issue a Purchase Order, your Purchasing Department may need a formal price quote. To get a quote, please click here.

Wire Transfer/Check

If you would like to use a wire transfer, you need to accomplish several steps.

Contact Softerra Sales Department with the following information to obtain a pro forma invoice:

  • Your company's billing address
  • Package type and services you'd like to order
  • End User's information (license owner's name, company, email)
  • E-mail address to send a pro forma invoice to

Arrange a bank transfer and make sure the total dollar amount corresponds to the one specified in the pro forma invoice.

The check must be payable to Softerra, Inc., and should include the number of your invoice. Please mail your check to:

Softerra, Inc.
427 N Tatnall St #90434
Wilmington, DE 19801-2230

The license key(s) will be generated and sent to you as soon as the funds are credited to our bank account.

For immediate delivery, we recommend that you fax or email the Transfer Receipt to Softerra Sales Department.

Online store

To purchase Softerra Adaxes online, please visit our online store.


Softerra also offers to purchase Adaxes software licenses through its worldwide reseller partners.

Please use the form below to find an authorized Softerra reseller in your area.


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