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Controls Middle East LLC Case Study


Prior to Adaxes, we were using a third-party Active Directory solution that was just in charge of managing our file server access. We provisioned Windows AD to help centralize the employee profiles. We were then faced with additional challenges such as automating the generation of user profile, automating the membership of groups, which provided various accesses within the company servers, automating the provisioning of office 365 user accounts and delegating various functions such as account creation, group membership and additional IT and HR related functions. We also wanted a self-service portal, where users reset their account, unlock their account or request permission to additional groups.


We were able to use Adaxes Business Rules to automate account creation and group assignments. We were also able to delegate these rules to various other departments. Additionally, we used both single level and multi-level approval system, which helped our management approve or deny requests accordingly. The native support for office 365 helped provision licenses as the account creation requests were approved. We created portals and heavy customized the portals depending on the departments. This helped users within the respective department to request or change with a click of a button. Additionally, we provisioned self-service portal to help our employees with basic functions such as resetting credentials, requesting access to groups or even looking up the directory for contact information. We were also able to integrate addaxes with SMS gateway to help provide one time passwords in case of lockouts.


Adaxes helped us save hours when it came to both HR and IT administration. We heavy benefited from the addaxes built in automation and approval system. This helped us delegate functions to various departments within the company. The web configurator helped us restrict the type of function, to that particular department. Additionally, adaxes also helped us save a lot of IT management time with the help of self-service portal, where users could request various permissions or change passwords without the need for IT departments involvement.

Johnson Augustus

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