DXP Canada Case Study

HSE Integrated Ltd. is Canada’s largest national industrial safety services company with operations across the country and into the United States. The first of its type, HSE provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of health, safety, and environment monitoring services to protect workers, assets and the community in the most cost-effective manner possible. In May 2012, HSE Integrated Ltd. was purchased by DXP Enterprises, Inc. of Houston, Texas. The combined assets and workforces of HSE and DXP Safety Services, a division of DXP Enterprises, constitute the second-largest industrial health, safety, and environment monitoring company in North America.


The technical challenges prior to Adaxes was manually creating user accounts, Lync, Exchange, group membership, Terminal Services Profile, creating of drives and other tasks. Due to human error items were sometimes missed or entered incorrectly increasing support calls.


Adaxes provided a solution to our environment by reducing the time it takes to manage Active Directory accounts and keeping consistency of tasks being done without errors. It also allowed us to take advantage of other AD tasks built in to be more proactive and productive reducing the number of calls to the helpdesk.


The benefit Adaxes was able to provide was the time it was able to reduce from a 20 minute account creation procedure to 10 seconds with consistency across the board. Once in place we discovered that we could assign and secure tasks to Managers for unlocking user accounts and provide more automated function to our environment including group membership. The reporting aspect of user and computer accounts allow up to have monthly control regarding the usage of these accounts. With approvals we can automatically disable old accounts and delete after a set time of inactivity. This also benefits our SOX compliance with further controls. Every aspect of account creation and modification is logged.

Dwyne Cichon
Director, IT


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