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EVRY Case Study


Most of our Active Directory management prior to purchasing Adaxes was done manually, with the exception of a few systems where we were using a similar system to manage AD. The reason we changed to Adaxes was because the previous system was complicated and time consuming, where most of the actions were based on powershell scripts. We wanted a system that was easy to manage, easy to set up, and preferably with a bit more features and opportunities. One of our main needs in a system for this purpose was to minimize the time it took from when the users decided to order a user, to when it was created and ready to use. Also to minimize the chance of human errors in user administration.


In our implementation of Softerra Adaxes we utilize most of the features included, with the exception of the Approve/Request feature, which hopefully will be implemented in the near future. A few of the key features we use in our installations are, but not limited to: Self-service Password Reset - We were very happy with the way this feature worked, with SMS authentication and also the self-service client which supplied winlogon integration. Automatic mail sending triggered by different actions - This feature was very helpful in getting the information out to the users instantly after an action had been completed in Softerra Adaxes, and with the new HTML editor it also opened up new ways of formulating our emails to the users wishes and needs. Built in Powershell editor - This feature was very much used when there were special needs from our users that couldn't be met by the included functions. Also very easy for powershell beginners to edit/create powershell scripts with the added help information. We were also very happy with the excellent support and documentation. When implementing Softerra Adaxes there were no questions that the support team wasn't able to answer, with full step-by-step guide and links from their online documentation.


Decreased the amount of people working directly with user administration after automating most of the tasks with Softerra Adaxes. Less calls on password resets and unlock accounts, which means we can use more time on other cases. Also simplified tasks related to updating AD, where we can automate mail sending from Softerra Adaxes, supplied with a link where users can fill out their own properties. Approximately everything related to user administration has been increased in effectiveness. Will be exiting to see how Softerra Adaxes develops in the upcoming versions to increased productivity even more!

Steinar Slettebo
System responsible


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