Softerra Adaxes received Gold Award!

October 09, 2012

Softerra feels proud to announce that Softerra Adaxes received Gold Award from Windows Networking team. Mitch Tulloch, the lead author of the Windows Resource Kit from Microsoft Press, reviewed the product and gave it a maximum 5 out of 5 rating. You are welcome to read full product review here.

SC Magazine reviewed Softerra Adaxes!

October 01, 2012

SC Magazine reviewed Softerra Adaxes as a part of its Identity Management, NAC and DLP group test. The product received great feedback on its feature set, performance and support. Full version of the review is available here .

Softerra Adaxes 2012.1 Released.

April 24, 2012

Softerra announces the release of Softerra Adaxes v.2012.1. The new version introduces a variety of improvements including important updates to the Administration Console and a number of Web Interface enhancements. For more details on Softerra Adaxes 2012.1 prominent features, please refer to our What's New page. To take advantage of the new version, download and evaluate Softerra Adaxes 2012.1 for free!

Softerra Adaxes Web Interface Localized in French.

April 20, 2012

Softerra is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Softerra Adaxes Web Interface in French. The updated 2012.1 version is scheduled to be launched next week and can be downloaded at the Download Page immediately upon release. With this release, Softerra Adaxes Web Interface is available in English, French, and German.

New articles available!

January 16, 2012

A set of articles and documents focusing on major Active Directory issues is now available at our website. The new data is targeted to provide an insight to the efficient implementation of an AD solution. You are welcome to review new articles and leave your feedback at our support forum.

Softerra Adaxes 2011.3 is officially released!

November 22, 2011

Softerra is excited to announce the release of Softerra Adaxes 2011.3. The new version includes several long-awaited innovative features that aim to provide secure password self-service for users, to significantly improve Active Directory automation and management, to enhance users notification and much more. You are welcome to download and evaluate new Softerra Adaxes 2011.3!

Softerra Adaxes 2011.2 Went Live!

June 22, 2011

Softerra today announced the release of Softerra Adaxes 2011.2. This is a major release that introduces a number of improvements and enhancements to the existing software features that help the software operate faster and more effectively than ever. You are welcome to download and evaluate Softerra Adaxes 2011.2!

Softerra Adaxes 2011.1 Released!

April 21, 2011

Softerra is proud to announce the release of Softerra Adaxes 2011.1. This major release provides a vast list of features focused around customization of the Active Directory Web Interface, enhancing Active Directory automation facilities, streamlining user password management, AD administration, access control, etc. For more details, please refer to our What's New page.

Softerra Adaxes 2010.2 Released!

July 29, 2010

Softerra is proud to announce a new release of its Adaxes software. Version 2010.2 is a major update that introduces support for Microsoft Exchange, provides a PowerShell module for Active Directory management, includes facilities for importing and exporting AD data, offers new Business Rule actions, and much more. You are welcome to ask questions and comment on the new features.

Softerra plans the release of Adaxes 2010.2 for this July

June 15, 2010

The new version comes with many useful improvements and essential features, the most important of which is the support of Microsoft Exchange and Windows PowerShell. The full list of new features will be available as soon as Softerra Adaxes 2010.2 is officially released. Subscribe to Softerra news and get automatically notified about this release.

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