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I need a script that will retrospectively create a sub-folder on file server's shared folder with following permissions:

  • employee
  • his/hers manager (taken from AD)
  • specific security group(s)
  • usual SYSTEM and local server Administrators security group as well, so that we have access for backups etc purposes. We can set a inheritable permissions for them (system etc) on top share level, but would be interested in confirming that internally in script as well.

There will be a shared folder with access-based enumeration enabledavailable to create them in. We'll get circa 200+ usernames we'll need to create and permission individual folder for, but then we will also need to incorporate similar script into normal AD user creation for future users and possibly for more pre-existing users that don't have them.

Thanks for any feedback.

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In Adaxes there is no built-in functionality to manage shared folder permissions. However, it can be done using PowerShell scripts. If you need to create a shared folder and set it as users home directory, you can use the Create a home directory action. The required folder permissions can be granted using a PowerShell script. For example, the below script from our repository can be modified to meet your needs: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repository/grant-access-to-user-s-home-folder-s15.htm. To create folders for existing users you can use a Scheduled Task configured for the User object type. To create folders for new users a Business Rule triggering After creating a user can be used. Should you have any issues modifying the script to meet your needs, we will help you.



It would be additional completely independent from profile and/or 'redirected folders' subfolder created on separate file server. Will look into modifying this script, but actual actions are 'pretty simple' :

  • get a %username% from a csv file
  • look up %manager% for that username
  • create folder called %username% inside 'specified share path'
  • set NTFS permision to 'Modify' for username, manager, 'specified security group' and 'Full Access for Domain Admins and local Administrators,

Furthermore I will amend script to be an action in 'After creating a user' task and as an selectable action for existing individual user.

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