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My scheduled task currently:

  • Checks for staff in a particular OU that do not have an O365 license
  • Adds a license
  • Resets their AD Password
  • Moves them to an OU based off their office location

I also have a business rule that triggers on the reset of a user password and send the user a Welcome email with the password but it only triggers for users in the OU that the scheduled task looks at... I just want to know if the Business Rule will trigger before the scheduled task moves them out of the OU that the business rule is looking at.


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By default, actions in Business Rules, Scheduled Tasks, and Custom Commands are executed sequentially. An action will not be executed until all the operations related to execution of the previous one (e.g. the triggered Business Rules) are finished. So, if the Reset user password action is specified before the Move the user action in your Scheduled Task, the move operation will be performed only after all the Business Rules triggered by the password reset are executed. But, if the Execute asynchronously checkbox is selected in properties of an action, the main operation (e.g. Scheduled Task run) will not wait until the action is executed. image.png

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