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Output the last time a distribution list received mail

May 08, 2017

The script outputs the last time when a distribution list received mail. To use the script with Adaxes, you will need to create Custom Commands executed on Group objects.

For more information on creating Custom Commands, see Create a Custom Command.


  • $exchangeServer - specifies the fully qualified domain name or IP address of your Exchange Server.
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$exchangeServer = "" # TODO: Modify me

    # Connect to the Exchange Server
    $session = New-PSSession -connectionURI "http://$exchangeServer/powershell" -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange
    Import-PSSession -session $session -AllowClobber -DisableNameChecking

    # Get the message tracking log for the distribution list
    $messageTrackingLog = Get-MessageTrackingLog -Recipients "%mail%" -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object sender, timestamp | Sort timestamp -Descending
    # Close connection to the Exchange Server
    Remove-PSSession -Session $session

if ($messageTrackingLog -eq $NULL)
    $Context.LogMessage("There were no messages sent to this distribution list", "Information")

$sender = $messageTrackingLog[0].Sender
$timeStamp = $messageTrackingLog[0].TimeStamp

$Context.LogMessage("Last message received from '$sender' on '$timeStamp'", "Information")

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