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How to Manage Active Directory from Linux or macOS

Active Directory is one of the best products Microsoft has ever released. It is a basis for thousands and thousands of IT environments all around the world. However, to provide efficient AD management you usually had to limit yourself to the OS on your actual working computer — Windows.

What's Wrong

In fact, it is a very common problem. A lot of admins that are in charge of Active Directory might prefer using Linux on their everyday machines. A lot of managers that need to perform AD-related tasks, such as group management, might prefer using Apple products that run macOS. To satisfy all these needs across your environment and avoid fragmentation of tools (that, by the way, all need to be supported), you need a cross-platform tool.

Web Interface for Active Directory

When we designed Adaxes, we kept in mind the idea that our users want to use different operating systems on their computers. So we went for a simple yet effective solution that solves the problem with no additional compromises — Web Interface for Active Directory management.

Adaxes Web UI is something that you can access from a standard web browser, no matter what OS you are using at the moment — Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS or any other one.

The great thing about the Adaxes Web UI is that it’s completely customizable and you can have any number of specific configurations for different categories of users, i.e. you can have a separate web interface for admins, as well as separate ones for managers, help desks, end users, etc.

With the Web Interface you can perform practically any AD-related tasks. The only time that you’ll be limited to a Windows machine, is when you need configure something in the Adaxes Administration Console. Ideally, that will be a one-time thing when you initially set everything up.

You can even execute PowerShell scripts via the Web Interface. All you need to do is wrap them in Custom Commands and you can have access to all your scripts straight from your browser.


What Do You Get

The main benefit of such approach is that you get a unified user experience for everyone who needs to do something with AD. This means that there will be no need to support multiple tools that will be specific to each OS and there will be no mess with providing access to RDP for everyone.

Having the Web UI also means that you are getting all the sweet features Adaxes comes with: condition-based automation, approval-based workflow, self-password reset, etc. Not only you can give access to AD management to everybody and introduce OS redundancy to your environment, but you can also take advantage of all the benefits that Adaxes brings with it.

If you take part in the Active Directory management process, forget the problem of choosing a convenient working OS. Go for any one you like. As long as it has a web browser.

Have a go and try if the Web UI is a thing for you straight away with the free 30-day trial that Adaxes comes with.

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