Aspen Dental Management Inc. Case Study

Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) is a dental support organization that provides non-clinical business support services to independently owned and operated dental practices in 33 states. This can include services and recommendations related to finding the right location, leasing, equipment, accounting and marketing. This model leaves independent, licensed practitioners free to concentrate on patient care. Dentists and staff at Aspen Dental practices believe everyone has the right to quality, affordable oral health care. As one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of independent dental care providers in the U.S., local Aspen Dental practices – more than 550 of them across 34 states – offer patients a safe, welcoming and judgment-free environment to address their dental challenges. Every Aspen Dental-branded practice offers a full range of dental and denture services – including comprehensive exams, cleanings, extractions, fillings, periodontal treatment, whitening, oral surgery, crown and bridge work – allowing patients to have the peace of mind that they are taken care of and protected, so they can focus on getting the healthy mouth they deserve. In 2015, Aspen Dental-branded practices recorded more than 3.7 million patient visits and welcomed nearly 785,000 new patients.


Prior to installing and using Adaxes Active Directory Management and Automation Suite, we had several PowerShell scripts and manual processes that we had to initiate to create, provision changes or end of career a user in our systems. Although this approach worked for a smaller company, as we grew into the 550+ locations we are today it became apparent we needed an automation solution. We were looking for automation first and foremost but also a proper approval system for the daily changes that need immediate attention.


Once Adaxes was installed we were able to start building the templates that would allow the system to do it's magic behind the scenes and allow our Technical Service Desk team the ability to help the end user much faster and at first point of contact. We also were able to take advantage of the Business Units functionality for our ongoing and upcoming projects, to better streamline the process of creating the new groups, distribution lists needed and populate all groups to the members with one touch of a button. We are also discussing the opportunities available to the managers of each department to have the ability to unlock their own staffs' accounts and quickly get back to work, thusly freeing the Technical Service Desk to assist with other calls quicker.


Our major benefit of the Adaxes Active Directory Management and Automation suite, is the ability to automate and schedule the daily duties once handled by the Technical Service Desk Supervisor and free them up to train and build the Technical Service Desk. We receive daily emails with the spreadsheets from Human Resources with all the changes needed for the day. With this suite of tools we are able to schedule these activities to happen off hours and once the managers get into the office they have the report of what happened the previous night and verify the changes are done and move on to bigger and more pressing challenges in I.T. This has greatly improved the communication to the end user as well by giving them a structure of what is happening without having to rely on one person doing the job.

Jay Klinkowsky
Technical Service Desk Supervisor

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