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County of Sonoma Case Study


Our Active Directory environment supports over 4000 active users. Prior to Adaxes, Active Directory management was entirely manual and was split between multiple administrators and departments. User provisioning and deprovisioning was a lengthy and time consuming process with newly created users being added into multiple systems causing delays and errors. We were in need of a web based tool that had a powerful feature set under the hood which could enabled us to fully support our customers. Something highly customizable that could be configured and delegated by roles as needed. In addition to Active Directory tasks, we were also researching better and more efficient ways to manage Exchange administration, password self-service and scheduled task automation. . Ideally, we were searching for a cost effective solution that could consolidate all those needs and wants into a single pane of glass. Adaxes was the only solution that met and exceeded all of our requirements.


Simply put, Adaxes has enabled us to take our many manual processes and automate them. We now have repeatable and automatic scheduled jobs running that have completely eliminated the possibility of human error. When a new user is hired Adexes takes over and creates the Exchange mailboxes, Lync accounts, home folders, moves the users into the correct OU’s, adds them to the appropriate security groups based on job title and sends an email to managers and other assigned users. When a new security group needs to be added, Adaxes has allowed us to create approval based work-flows that track all changes along the way. Our deprovision process is also now automated thanks to Adaxes. We were very quickly able to take the out of the box workflow and adapt it to our environment. What once used to take hours every day and multiple people is now handled in seconds by one comprehensive tool. The single pane of glass management from Adaxes has also enabled our Information Systems department to implement multiple scheduled tasks that keep our Active Directory environment clean and healthy. We have jobs running to disable orphaned user and computer accounts, jobs to check and fix nonstandard naming conventions, password expiring emails to end users and notification emails to admins when specified users accounts and groups are changed.


Within the first month, Adaxes has saved our department the equivalent of one full time FTE. That is at a minimum $70k savings in the first month projected out over the year. Adaxes has enabled us to shift our resources onto other projects and this has had a tremendous positive impact for our customers. Our team productivity in response to other service requests has increased 150% in just a short time. Adaxes is also estimated to save over $30k in training costs alone for the fiscal year. Our SLA response times and customer feedback scores have all significantly increased since we have implemented Adaxes. We are now exceeding 95% on both. Adaxes Rocks!

Steven Back
IT Analyst


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