Boxtop by Tabush Group Case Study

Tabush Group is a leading provider of virtual workspace, private cloud, and managed IT services that specializes in technology solutions for small to midsize businesses in the fields of law, real estate, construction, investment management, and professional services. Our mission is to help organizations succeed through our passion and experience. Building upon that experience, Tabush has developed an innovative workspace-as-a-service solution called Boxtop™, which delivers all of an organization’s IT needs as a simple, scalable, and secure all-in-one cloud service, allowing small business owners to focus on growing their companies. Boxtop™ includes virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support. Founded in 2000, Tabush is a privately held company headquartered in New York City.


Prior to purchasing Softerra Adaxes, any changes or additions that we wanted to do in our active directory for Boxtop users needed to be done manually on one of our active directory (AD) servers. This was a challenge for us because we didn’t want to give our entire helpdesk access to our AD server. Our engineering team has built out a well-structured and very detailed AD server, and giving access to too many people became a concern as it would open it up to a higher risk for mistakes being made. In addition, we were in need of a central portal to create new Office 365 users that would integrate with our VMware vSphere and View Administrator.


With Adaxes, we can now give our helpdesk team AD access in a very structured way. They can now do AD management themselves while minimizing the risk of mistakes being made. Adaxes also helps us create Office 365 users from one central portal when we add new Boxtop users. In addition, with the custom scripting/powershell available within Adaxes, we were able to create a custom integration to VMware.


Before Adaxes, it was taking us about one (1) hour to configure the virtual desktop for each new Boxtop user. With Adaxes, we’ve now been able to cut it down to 30 minutes per new Boxtop user, saving us significant time and cost, which is especially important as the Boxtop user base continues to grow. Adaxes has also allowed us to give a lot of this work to our helpdesk team, freeing up time from our network engineers.

Elliot Tabush
Product Manager

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