Cheshire Data Systems Ltd Case Study

Cheshire Datasystems Limited (CDL) is one of the leading providers of computerised sales and administration systems to insurance intermediaries of all types and particularly those operating in a telesales environment. CDL was launched in 1976 and after installing bespoke software into various Brother offices throughout Europe, our energies and resources were directed to and totally devoted to the world of insurance. Being a privately-owned company without any affiliation to any insurer or financial institution allows CDL to be a dynamic organisation, clearly focused on the needs of our clients in a rapidly evolving industry. Innovation has been the cornerstone of CDL's success with the introduction of several major technological solutions that are not readily available from our competitors. CDL continues to expand and we now employ over 505 staff within our offices in Stockport, many of whom are recruited directly from the insurance industry. We do not employ commissioned sales people but instead secure most of our new business through recommendations.


CDL have a number of active directory domains for managing our systems. Internal & development domains for CDL use only. CDL then host ASP systems for our clients using Citrix to access these systems (UAT & LIVE). This is for over 2500 users from different clients & part of our PCI platform. Clients have requested the facility to reset their own passwords 24/7. We identified this could be done via password reset tool & would then reduce the number of support calls CDL get. This would also reduce the out off calls we get for our engineers asking us to reset passwords. The tool is being deployed for all our clients on this platform & we require extra license for the growth of our ASP. Needed to be supported for PCI & pass all our security tests The tool has also identified that service centre staff can be reduced in the future


Allows our clients to reset password accounts in our hosted software & reduced the number of staff on support calls The tool has also identified that service centre staff can be reduced in the future Client feedback has been very good & all of clinets now want the tool.


Reduced support staff for password resets Client feedback has been very good & all of clients now want the tool. The tool is now being looked at for active directory domains we have & the clients are requesting this for UAT

Paul O'Neill

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