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Global Logistic Properties Case Study


We needed a product that would do the following: (a) Provide an approval based work flow to eliminate errors between our parent domain and child domains. We had a major issue with an administrator in another country who had just started working for us. He accidentally moved all of the user objects into a single OU and disabled them. It was a significant loss to production. We needed to ensure this would not happen again. (b) We needed a comprehensive audit trail to track changes in Active Directory for auditing. (c) We needed to provide Human Resources with the ability to update job titles, address info, etc. (d) We need end users to have the ability to reset their own passwords. We deal with 3rd party users who are members of our Active Directory. The 3rd party users make up a significant portion of our helpdesk work load.


After researching various products, we found that Adaxes provides a robust and complete solution to meet the needs I've listed above. We have seen a significant drop in helpdesk requests and our end-users are happy because they can get back to work. Better controls are now in place to avoid unauthorized or accidental Powershell scrips from running in our AD environment. The product is very easy to use and the videos are perfect for training Human Resources / Helpdesk / End Users on what to do. The product is paying for itself.


- Zendesk (our ticketing system) is showing a downward trend for tickets with the #PasswordReset tag in our weekly reports. - We have received written feedback from all levels of the organization letting us know how happy our end-users have been. - We have seen even greater success in passing our I.T. audits. - We now have global standards and are seeing much better uniformity amongst the various global I.T. groups. - We have improved our security posture through auditing, change approval, and improved password policies.

David Schultz
Senior Network Engineer

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