iSource AG Case Study

iSource AG is a regional and national systems integrator and outsourcer in the area of IT infrastructure. Our specializations are in key technologies such as server-based computing using Microsoft and VMWare, security, and business continuity. iSource is an acclaimed partner with VMWare, Microsoft, Quest and HP, and one of the few SPLA partners and Gold Certified partners (hosting provider platform) in Switzerland. iSource AG was founded in October, 1999 under the leadership of the current management and board members.

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Industry: IT Outsourcing und Cloud Service Provider
Number Of User Accounts: 2500


We do operate a multi tenant infrastructure for many customers (SMB Market). Each of them is using a separate ADS infrastructure. Before we started with Adaxes, we had many problems and weakness. There was no centralized administration on a single console. Because there was no possibility to delegate the administration to the customer, a complicated and error-prone process was in place. We hade also some issues regarding compliance regulations, because there was no audit functionality. As there where no template available, we had many problems with Typos and so on


Adaxes solved many of this problems. Now we do have a single console and are capable to manage several Active Directories from one single console. We changed our processes and our customers can use a self service UI. The Business Rules helps us and our Customers to optimize the hole process and even not IT pros are capable to do some administration task. The audit capabilities within Adaxes are very helpful, because we can give a proof of what's happens on the ADS


We do not sale Adaxes as a product. We embedded the features and andvantages in our Customer Service Desk. We do have the idea, that Adaxes will become a central role, if we integrate other centralized Services like Exchange or others. More and more customers like to use Public Cloud offerings and we have to deal with, in the other case customer are looking for an other solution. Adaxes will help us with all these challanges and we are shure to have the right product. But the product is only the half of the story. The other part is the support and we have to say, that the Softerra Support is just excellent

Herby Schenker

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