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Nabarro LLP Case Study


Nabarro had been using a product for Active Directory management which needed upgrading to a new version to support current installed operating systems. It was found that this would have required a significant amount of effort and external consultancy to customize the product to Nabarro's needs. Nabarro decided to look for another product with features that either matched or could easily be adapted to the firm's business requirements.


The current version of the software that Nabarro uses is not compatible with Exchange 2010 and all mailboxes are currently manually created after the account is created in Active Directory. The Adaxes software has enabled us to complete a full user creation including AD account, mailbox and all relevant groups associated with the different levels of account. Adaxes has considerably reduced the amount of man hours spent creating the user accounts as well as other tasks that can be completed using this software.


The web user interface can be easily altered/configured which enables us to delegate different tasks to all levels of IT staff whilst still maintaining adequate control of the administrative rights. The benefit of Adaxes is when we create an account using Adaxes we can stipulate if the user is an Associate, with the location of 'London' or 'Singapore' then add the account to the London distribution lists and AD groups or Singapore lists\groups whichever is relevant. Being able to put in Business Rules has further reduced the man hours spent adding groups etc after the account has been set up in AD. We have created a Business Unit in Adaxes which lists all AD groups that are relevant to locking down workspaces in our Document Management System. A web interface has been configured and can be be given to another team to manage the groups outside of IT. Before the Risk department had to log a call and wait for the work to be completed, this has reduced the time the task takes as well as the calls that are logged to the IT Service Desk.

Paul Saunders
Technical Architecture Manager


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