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Hello Everybody,

I want approvers to be able to add information to an Object. Because my preferred Joiner Process looks like this:

1 - HR Department creates a Request for a joiner account with basic Information:

  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Start date
  • Titel
  • Manager
  • Company
  • Department

2 - This Request is send for approval to the Manager of the designated joiner to add some more information:

  • Room/Seatnumber
  • Company mobile phone boolean yes/no
  • Notes like additional software or permissions beside defaults

3 - This summarized Request should be send for approval to IT , just to check if attributes have no bad characters and all necessary information is complete. Account can be created [or not].

Can I reach this workflow with Adaxes? I did not found an option for editing approval request, just Approve or Deny.

Appreciate your support, regards Patrick

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Hello Patrick,

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to make modifications to an operation before approving it. However, we have the feature in our roadmap (Updating operations that are sent for approval): https://www.adaxes.com/info_roadmap.htm.

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