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some of our users have multiple email addresses and also have different variations of their name and perhaps their assistants name within the SMTP addresses.
for instance bob cook has the following emails: bcook@abc.com, cookb@abc.com, bcook@domain.com, bobcook@abc.com, tmarie@abc.com.

I've created a task that says "if the 'email proxy addresses' property contains '@abc.com', then
modify mailbox setting for the user: modify email addresses (remove 'smtp:%mailnickname%@abc.com')

which obviously works great if the mailnickname matches...but not certain how to remove the others.

Please let me know how I can remove all instances of email addresses that contain @abc.com from their SMTP.

Thanks in advance!

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can someone pls reply?

I hope my subject isn't confusing

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To do this, you will need to use a PowerShell script. Have a look at the following script from our Script Repository that will do the job: Remove values of a multivalued property using regular expressions.

Parameters that you need to specify in the script:

  1. $property: "proxyAddresses";
  2. $regex: "smtp:\w+@abc\.com"

To add the script to your Scheduled Task, use the Run a program or PowerShell script action.



just sent you something else.
it seems to remove all smtp addresses even ones that do not mention abc.com.
we only want to get rid of abc.com and nothing else.


any luck?


hi-- just checking in to see if theres a reason the script removes all addresses and not the one specified.




We've forwarded all the available information to our script guys. They are checking the script, but no luck so far. We'll update you as soon as they come up with something.


ok, thanks

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