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Since today were receiving the below error when attempting to add additional email addresses to users via Adaxes.

An Azure Active Directory call was made to keep object in sync between Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online. However, it failed. Detailed error message:

Unable to update the specified properties for on-premises mastered Directory Sync objects or objects currently undergoing migration. RequestId

I read through this post but we are on version: 3.13.18106.0 https://www.adaxes.com/questions/9585/receiving-an-error-when-trying-to-add-an-smtp-address

How do we fix to get the ability to add email addresses via Adaxes again?

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Experiencing same issue here.

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Unfortunately, this is a known issue that occurred due to the recent changes performed by Microsoft. We have just released an update for Adaxes 2020.1 that you are using with a fix for the issue. You can download it here.

Upgrade instructions

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