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hello -

I'm trying to get info via reports but unable to have the passwordExpires column populate some info. I want to know when users password will expire (expiration date and if it can expire).
I tried passwordExpires, passwordExpiresDaysLeft, and passwordExpires property name but to no avail. Can you please assist?


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The thing is that these are calculated properties generated on the fly, and they won't be displayed in the built-in reports available in the Web Interface. You have 2 options how you can workaround this:

  1. You can generate a report you need with the help of a script.
  2. You can create a Scheduled Task that will bu run, say, once or twice a day and 'stamp' all users with the number of days left until their password expires. The number of days left will be stored in a certain property of the users' accounts. Then, you can add the property to the Web Interface to show when a user's password expires.

Which one suits your needs better?

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