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Hi support,

I have created a new report with 'Existing report with specific parameters' checked under Generate report using section. I am re creating 'Password Never Expire' report.

I have selected 'Scope' and 'Parameters' under the what to customize part.

I was able to select the specific OU on which report should run under scope tab, but I am unable to add anything under parametrs tab as I am looking to exclude certain users from report.

Not sure what I am missing here, any help would be appreciated.

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As we understand, you created a new report based on the Password never expires built-in report. In this case, it is not possible to add new parameters. This behavior is by design. As a solution, you can copy the built-in report and then modify it to meet your needs. Should you have issues modifying the report to work as intended, please, provide all the possible details regarding the desired behavior with live examples.


Thank you for the swift response.

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