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We have a business need for automating and controlling the creation of service accounts in our AD. For example, we want all new service accounts to start with "svc_" for the SamAccountName, and we want the account to be placed in a certain OU upon creation.

I know we can utilize Scheduled Tasks and Business Rules to take action on accounts after they're created, but there's doesn't seem to be a way to enforce certain parameters and naming standards DURING the creation of certain types of accounts. Is there a way to duplicate and customize the "New User" form to create a "New Service Account" workflow in Adaxes?

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Hello Joshua,

Yes, it is possible. There are several things you need to configure:

  1. Add a new Create User Web interface action for creating service accounts.
  2. Predefine the target container of the action i.e. specify in which OU the service accounts should be created. Alternatively, limit the selection of containers to several OUs of your choice.
  3. Customize the form of the action.
  4. Limit the action visibility, as by default it will be visible to anyone who has the rights to create users.

For details, please see the Configure the Actions Pane tutorial.

  1. Create a new property pattern for the User object type. The pattern will impose constraints on the properties of service accounts. The activity scope of the pattern should include only the OUs where the service accounts are located.
  2. Exclude the OUs containing service accounts from the activity scope of all other property patterns configured for the User object type.

For details, please see the Make a Property Required and Specify its Format tutorial.

Should you have any issues configuring the desired workflow, please share additional details and we will help you.

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