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I have a scheduled taske running on a few OUs that will disable and move the account into another OU once the account haven't been logged into for x amount of time. We are now ready to delete some of those accounts that have been disabled for 6 months or more, prior to the actual deletion, but want a report on what's gonna get deleted.

I didn't locate a script in the repository that fulfill this and when I tried to use the scheduled task just to move the accounts to one OU, the option isn't quite there, so powershell to the rescue, right?

Please advise. thanks

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Actually, there is no need for a script to accomplish that. You can use the built-in Inactive Users Report.

It provides you a list of accounts that haven't logged on to AD during a certain number of days. Also, you can limit the scope of the report to the OU you need.

Once the report is generated, you can tick the accounts you no longer need and delete them.

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