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We would like users to be able to add their mobile number and carrier information from within the web console.

Preferably, they would enter their mobile number in a text box, and select their carrier friendly name (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) from a dropdown list.

Once entered, remove any special characters (parenthesis, spaces, hyphens, etc.), have the carrier friendly name be replaced by the email domain (@vtext.com, @txt.att.net, etc.) and would get concatenated to the number.

For example, if a user would enter "(800) 555-1212" in to a text box, and select "AT&T", the resulting address would be "8005551212@txt.att.net". This address would then be written to an extensionAttribute field in Active Directory.

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Please disregard this request. I was able to figure out how to do this on my own.

I accomplished this by using the adm-CustomAttributeText fields, and a Property Pattern to limit one of them to only the carrier names.

I then created a Business Rule to run a PowerShell Script if the CustomAttributes were changed (sorry I am not a coder so probably ugly)

Import-Module Adaxes

# Remove Parenthesis, Hyphens, and Spaces from Mobile Number
$Mobile = ($Context.TargetObject.Get("adm-CustomAttributeText2"))
$MobileMap =@{ "("=""; ")"=""; "-"="";" "=""; }
foreach ($MobileMapKey in $MobileMap.Keys) {$Mobile = $Mobile.Replace($MobileMapKey, $MobileMap[$MobileMapKey])}
$Context.SetModifiedPropertyValue(("adm-CustomAttributeText4"), $Mobile)

# Replace Carrier Name with Carrier Address
$Carrier = ($Context.TargetObject.Get("adm-CustomAttributeText3"))
$CarrierMap =@{ "AT&T"="@txt.att.net"; "Sprint"="@messaging.sprintpcs.com"; "T-Mobile"="@tmomail.net"; "Verizon - Personal"="@vtext.com"; "Virgin Mobile"="@vmobl.com"; "Mobi PCS"="@mobipcs.net"; }
foreach ($CarrierMapKey in $CarrierMap.Keys) {$Carrier = $Carrier.Replace($CarrierMapKey, $CarrierMap[$CarrierMapKey])}
$Context.SetModifiedPropertyValue(("adm-CustomAttributeText3"), $Carrier)

# Replace SMS Address
Set-ADMUser -Identity %username% -Replace @{extensionAttribute15 = $Mobile + $Carrier}

# Wait Timer to allow AD to update before page is refreshed
Start-Sleep -s 10

# Log Information
$Context.LogMessage(("SMS Address Updated") + ": " + $Mobile + $Carrier, "Information")

I then Customized the Display Names and Updated the Web Page to allow users to update their information.

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