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We have a multi-domain forest with a root domain and three child domains. Adaxes is currently installed in one of these child domain and i would like to deploy a new Adaxes server in another child domain. I created a new service account in that domain but i have trouble installing adaxes with the share configuration option.
I provide the credential of the default service account used for the first Adaxes server but i have the following error during the install :

Product: Softerra Adaxes 2011.3 -- Failed to install the service ADAM instance.
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services could not create the NTDS Settings object for this Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services instance CN=NTDS Settings,CN=APHKGRES02$AdaxesBackend,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,CN={3EF8BA34-68C3-4543-AD9D-21F6778140D6} on the remote AD LDS instance EUMSQRES10.eu.loi.net:48880. Ensure the provided network credentials have sufficient permissions.
Error code: 0x800706be
The remote procedure call failed.

I tried disabling the firewall without luck. I don't know where to check so if you have a clue.

Thanks in advance

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If you're sure that all ports are open, then this is likely to be a DNS issue.

Try using Telnet to access the computer where the Adaxes service is installed on port 135.


I tried several things :

I checked security event log and i have no blocked access.
I checked with adsiedit.msc the Adaxes LDS instance and i confirm that the problem arise o nthe NTDS Settings object. The installer create the CN=SERVERNAME$AdaxesBackend object but fails on creating the child NTDS Settings.
I tried to add SERVERNAME$ to Administrators role in LDS with no luck.

It becomes very difficult to delay the installation.

Thanks for your help.


Please launch the repadmin.exe tool on the computer where want to install the second instance of Adaxes service, and post the output here.

repadmin.exe /bind EUMSQRES10.eu.loi.net:48880 /u:domain\adaxesadmin /pw:secret


You point me to the right direction with the repadmin command.
Actually i checked RPC with RPCping, which was ok, but it seems that the test is not accurate enough.
Repadmin failed and that leads me to the following conclusion : that might be a network related problem.
Actually, we are using Cisco ASA firewall on each of our sites, and we had trouble sometimes ago with RPC. I asked to my network team to check that and they finally find an inspact map that was blocking RPC trafic.

It's working ok now.

Thanks for your help


That's great!


... and that's a great relief for our QA team ;)

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