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Hello Adaxes Team

I am trying to create a report for multi level approvals. It is important that all approvers are shown and it is clear who approved or denied the request.

I have created a business rule "Before adding a member to a group" with the necessary approval steps. image.png

AD Users

  • Employee 1
  • Manager 1 (Manager of the requestor)
  • Manager 2 (Owner of the target group)
  • IT Service Desk Agent

AD Group

Name: G_SAP_33_SAP_HR_Manager Description: HR Manager Notes: SAP Permission Managed by: Manager 2

If, for example, employee 1 requests the AD group "G_SAP_33_SAP_HR_Manager" for himself, the report should look like this at the end:

SAP permission requests

  • Initiator: employee 1
  • Targeted User: employee 1
  • Object: HR Manager (G_SAP_33_SAP_HR_Manager); Owner: Manager 2
  • Request Type: SAP Permission


Approver Date Status Reason
Manager 1 10.03.2022 13:03:41 image.png approved OK
Manager 2 11.03.2022 14:05.22 image.png approved Confirm
IT Service Desk Agent 11.03.2022 14:30:34 image.pngdenied This permission is only for HR employees

I hope this is somehow possible. Thanks and greetings Pudong

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Unfortunately, there is no possibility to generate such a report.

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