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We're experiencing some issues with showing and hiding custom commands when viewing user accounts. We have a number of commands in Adaxes, but no matter the permissions of them, it seems that some will show up whether I want them to or not and others just don't.

For example: Our "Establish Remote Mailbox" custom command has these security roles Establish Remote Mailbox

And our "Manual Establish Remote Mailbox" custom command has the same security roles Manual Establish Remote Mailbox

Yet, when I look at a manageable user account in the web portal, I only see the "Establish Remote Mailbox" custom command Web portal

I have seen this page https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingPermissions_GrantRightsToExecuteCustomCommands.htm and given permission to these commands to a custom user security role so would have expected either both commands to show up, or neither. Additionally, the same custom security role doesn't have any access to some of the other custom commands shown.

We're running the latest verison of 2021.1



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Hello Matt,

The screenshots display only the roles that grant permissions over the custom command itself. They are not related to executing the command by one user over another. The fact that you do not see the command when viewing a user in the Web interface means that the required permissions are not granted to the logged on user over the account being viewed. For information on how to check the roles assigned to a user (in your case you need to check for the logged on user), have a look at the following help article: https://www.adaxes.com/help/ViewAssignedSecurityRoles. You need to make sure that the role that allows executing the custom command is assigned over the user being viewed in the Web interface.


I am having this exact same issue. We have some commands that show and some that do not. If I sign in as a full admin, I see all of them on the user. I have following the tutorials to assign the "Execute 'Custom Command Here'" permission to the security role and assigned it to a user trustee and assigned it over the whole domain. Still not showing up but some commands are.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Hello Mark,

There are no other options that might cause such a behaviour. For troubleshooting purposes, please, send the following details to support@adaxes.com:

  • A screenshot of the page where the custom commands are not displayed.
  • Screenshots of all security roles assigned to the user that does not see the commands with Assignments and the Show inerited permissions option enabled. We need something like the following for each security role: image.png For information on how to view security roles assigned to a user, check the following help article: https://www.adaxes.com/help/ViewAssignedSecurityRoles.

Updating this so that the answer is here. The custom command was turned off in the web interface configurator by default. You have to go in and check the box.

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