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I searching how to rename the actions menu. We're going to use french and english language for the portal.

Default actions are translated properly by Adaxes, now i want to be able to translate the custom actions we made.

I found how to rename a ldap property, but i didn't found how to rename an action yet. Could you help me ?

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Hello Alexansre,

Yes, sure. For this purpose, you need to modify the Web Interface source files as follows:

  1. On the computer where your Web Interface is installed, open the folder for the Web Interface you want to configure, which is C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\<Web Interface> by default.

  2. Open the App_GlobalResources subfolder.

  3. Locate the necessary language version of the Strings.resx file. By default, there are 3 of them:

    • Strings.resx - English,
    • Strings.de.resx - German,
    • Strings.fr.resx - French.

    Since you are using the English and French versions of the Web interface, you'll need Strings.resx and Strings.fr.resx.

  4. Open one of the language versions, for example the English version, with any text editor, e.g. notepad.exe.

  5. Add a data XML element immediately before the closing </root> tag as follows:

     <i class="text-italic">...
       <data <strong class="text-bold">name="MyActionName"</strong> xml:space="preserve">
         <strong class="text-bold"><value>My Action</value></strong>


    • name parameter - specifies a unique name for this data element. It must be unique within the Strings.resx file and cannot contain spaces or special characters.
    • text in the value element - specifies the text that will be displayed for this element in the English version of the Web Interface.
  6. Add 1 data element for the name of each Home Page Action you want to translate. Also, if you want to have descriptions for the actions, add a data element for each description. When done, save the file.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the other language versions of the file.
    Important:You need to use the same name of the element in all language version of the file. Thus, for example, if you provide a name for an action in the English version using element MyActionName, then the element for the same action name in the French version must also have the name MyActionName.

  8. When done with all language versions you need, return to the folder where the Web interface is installed and open the Web.config file. It is also an XML file that can be edited in any text editor.

  9. All Home Page Actions are contained in XML element configuration\softerra.adaxes\web.ui\homeComponent\actionPanel of the Web.config file. A typical element containing a custom action created by yourself looks approximately like this:

     <i class="text-italic">              <createObject objectType="user" id="c6206983-e680-4308-ab24-87e7ee9aa470">
                     <strong class="text-bold"><name string="My Action" /></strong>
                     <strong class="text-bold"><description string="My Home Page Action Description" /></strong>


    • name element - contains the name of the Home Page Action as appears in the Web Interface;
    • description element - contains a description of the action as appears in the Web Interface.

    Locate an action you need.

  10. Replace the text in the name and description elements with references to the data items you added to the Strings.resx file. For example, if you added a data item called MyActionName for the action name, then you need to replace the following text:

    <name string="My Home Page Action" />

    with the following:

    <name resourceKey="Strings,MyActionName" />

  11. Repeat the same for all Home Page Actions you need.

  12. When done, save the file.

Pay attention that the changes made in the Strings.resx file will not be preserved by Adaxes Web Interface backup / restore, so if you want to save the settings, you need to make changes to the file after each upgrade.

In the next major version, we'll provide a simpler mechanism to translate Home Page Action names and descriptions.

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