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I want to automate the creation of a contact based on an existing AD Users.

For example, the code in my custom command contains something like:

new-mailcontact -Name "CONTACT-%fullname%" -ExternalEmailAddress myemail@external.yy OrganizationalUnit "OU=TEST,OU=CONTACTS,DC=lab,,DC=com-alias "CONTACT-%username%"

it will create a contact like : CONTACT-JessicaJones with an external email myemail@external.yy

My problem is the value ExternalEmailAddress needs to be typed by the helpdesk when he call the Business Rule from the web interface.
How can the Helpdesk pass this value as a parameter after he run the Custom Command from the Web interface?

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe I can do it in two steps :

1) The Helpdesk change a custom attribute to populate the email. Example : -extensionAttribute10
2) I change my custom command like this : -ExternalEmailAddress "%extensionAttribute10%"

This scenario is working but it is not optimized as the heldesk need to do 2 operations.

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