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Hi everyone!

Is there a way to force a particular language (in this case English) for the Password Reset web page(s)?

Background: Up to recently we have used the Self-Service Client, but for various reasons we are switching to providing the reset page through a Kiosk-mode-IE app via an anonymous Citrix StoreFront store. All server installations are in English, but since we are in Germany, the default locale is German. This seems to get picked by the Citrix anon users. Since we also provide for a number of non-German users, we would like to switch the pages to English.


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Hello Erik,

First of all, the language in which the Web interface is displayed to users depends on a user's preferred language set in their browser. If the Web Interface is displayed on the logon page, the language depends on the system locale of the user's computer. So, this actually depends more on the settings of the users' computers than on the settings of the server.

However, if you still want to have the password reset Web interface in English only, there is a way to do that. For this purpose, In the folder of the Web Interface that you use for password reset, delete all the localization resources for all languages except for English. Note, however, that after doing that, the whole of the Web Interface will be in English only, including the pages shown to users after they log in to it.

To force the English language, delete the following in the folder where the Web Interface is installed:

  • bin/de folder
  • bin/fr folder
  • all *.de.resx files in all subfolders
  • all *.fr.resx files in all subfolders

By default, Web Interfaces are installed in C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\<Web Interface Type>.


Thank you for your help. It seems I didn't think far enough before posting my question. I have set the default display language for new accounts on the server to English, and now everything is fine.


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