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I want to give the ability for the Help Desk to add a new IE trusted site.

I did a Custom Commands that works well.

$scriptBlock = Powershell {
    Import-Module Adaxes
    Import-Module GroupPolicy

    $ListKey = "HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMapKey"

    Set-GPRegistryValue -Name $GPOName -Key $ListKey -ValueName $URL -Type String -Value $Zone

} # TODO: modify me

I want a form in the web interface with only two fields : URL ($ListKey) and Zone ( $Zone). The GPO name ($GPOName)will never change.

It is possible to do it?

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I think I will do like this :

- Create a dummy user on AD
- Create a Business Unit that contains only the dummy user
- Create a Business Rule "After Updating a user" with Activity Scope limited to the new Business Unit.
- Use CustomAttributes to populate URL and Zone.
- Create a Custom Home Page Actions with automatic selection of the dummy user.
- Call the Powershell Script that update the GPO

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