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Every manager has an overview, where you can see to whom he/she is reporting to and who is reporting to the manager. This will be visible in Microsoft teams. But we need to add the manager to the User Account, which are our customers. If this is done as normal, then it will appear on the list as well and it can be massive due to a large customer base.

What would be the alternative, if we want to add the manager to the customer User Account? The purpose for this is to use it for email communication (account/password expiration notifications).

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Sorry for the confusion, but we are not sure what exactly you mean. There is only one property provided by AD that is used to specify user managers. The name of the property is Manager. As an option, you might use other DN syntax properties (e.g. Secretary, See Also), but they do not have backlinks like the Direct Reports property for the Manager one.

On the other hand, if you need Adaxes to always send account/password expiration notifications to the same email address, you can predefine it in the Send email notification action settings. In this case, you will not need to specify anything for user accounts at all.



You are on the right track and you have put me on it, as well. Thanks.

The Direct Reports property for the Manager will show up in the Organization section (Microsoft Teams) of the employee. I want to display only fulltime employees from our company and not customers.

Your alternative will definitely help with what I want to do.

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