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I'm currently working with setting up a new Adaxes solution for a customer at my company.

The customer needs a solution that can add a security group with full access and send ass rights when they create a shared mailbox using Adaxes.

What I've come up with so far is that I've created a function for creating the security groups, and one function for creating the shared mailbox.
My idea is that the create shared mailbox function will execute a powershell script that adds the security group with full access and send as rights to the mailbox.

The last part of the group name attribute for the security group equals the display name for the shared mailbox
$displayname = %displayName%
$groupname = "grp_mail_" + $displayname

Group name security group: grp_mail_mymailbox
Display Name Shared Mailbox: mymailbox

This is a set standard that doesnt differ when they use these functions.

What I need is a powershell script that can add the security group with the required rights (full access/send as) to the shared mailbox, identified by the group name/display name, and if possible with just using AD/Adaxes attributes. If possible I would like to save the hazzle to set up an external powershell session.

To explain this in another way. Out of the box this can be sorted by using the edit exchange properties function, and then adding the security group with the required permissions. But the customer feels that that solution will be to time consuming to have to go through 3 steps to fix this (create sec.group, create mailbox, edit rights). Therefore they want us to combine the creation of the mailbox with adding the access to the sec.group.

I think that this should be possible to solve since the last part of the group name and the display names are always the same. This makes it easy to identify both the mailbox and the sec.group using a script, and then add a command that adds the sec.group. with sufficient access.

Unfortunately I lack the powershell knowledge to solve this matter myself. So I greatly hope that there are someone who can help me out here :-) That would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Kristoffer Høie.

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