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Trying to generate a custom report and getting an error when trying to add the resulting values back into the report columns -


The part of code causing the issue is this -

$Context.Items.Add($record, @{$initiatorBusinessPurposeColumnID = $BusinessPurpose},@{$initiatorDepartmentColumnID = $initiatorDepartment})

If I break up that line and run both separately like this -

$Context.Items.Add($record, @{$initiatorDepartmentColumnID = $initiatorDepartment}) $Context.Items.Add($record, @{$initiatorBusinessPurposeColumnID = $BusinessPurpose})

The script runs without error but it results in duplicate rows being created. Is there any way to run the $Context.Items.Add method to add multiple column values at once?

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Yes, it is possible. Have a look at section Setting values for custom columns of the following article: https://www.adaxes.com/sdk/GeneratingReports/#setting-values-for-custom-columns. Also, the following article should be helpful: https://www.adaxes.com/sdk/AdmListItems.

If you still have issues modifying your script to work the way you want, please, describe the desired behaviour in all the possible details with live examples. Also, please, provide the script you currently have. you can post it here or send to us (support@adaxes.com) in TXT format.

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