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While trying to do a backup with softerra.adaxes.backuprestore I ran into a space issue saying I did not have the needed space. I had 6 GB of storage on my server, because of this error the backuprestore crashed and kill the task with windows task manager. After killing it, I did not get an error but the backuprestore would keep trying to connect but was unable to. I tried to restart the Softerra Adaxes Service and the ADAM_AdaxesBackend services but no luck. I restarted the server a few times and it still was not loading correctly. The GUI, the adaxes portal, and backuprestore did not work at all. The only thing that seemed to work was letting it sit for 20-40 mins and it would start to work again. I would like to backup and update my adaxes service but the issue is I am worried this is going to happen again. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks

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The most probable reason for the file used by the built-in logging database. It can grow very fast. If you keep a long history of operations performed via Adaxes in the built-in database, the file can grow over several GB. When you perform Adaxes service back up, before starting the back up process, the backup/restore tool copies everything it needs to the Temp folder on your system. This includes copying the log file, which most probably caused the issue with insufficient space on your hard drive.

To work around it, you can add more free space or do the following:

  1. Stop Adaxes Service.
  2. Move the file used by the built-in logging database somewhere. The filed is named AdaxesLog.db3. It is located in the LogDB subfolder of the folder where the Adaxes service is installed, which is C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Service by default.
  3. Start Adaxes service.
  4. Perform the backup.
  5. Upgrade Adaxes.
  6. Restore the service configuration from backup.
  7. Stop Adaxes Service.
  8. Move the log file back to the LogDB subfolder of the folder where the Adaxes service is installed.
  9. Start Adaxes service.

By the way, if you are planning to use a long history of actions performed via Adaxes, we suggest using an external MS SQL database for logging and reducing the number of days during which records are held in the built-in database.

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