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We have a scenario in which our E3, windows 10/11 licenses, Exchange Online, etc are assigned by various security groups. We do however assign certain licenses, Power BI for example, manually in O365.

When terminating an employee, I have noticed that we get an error back when the revoke licenses option is selected, which is perfectly understandable due to how we assign, revoke some license. Where the issue lies is that the revoking licensing command is erroring out and not going through and revoking the licenses that can be revoked.

I've noticed that the script here (https://www.adaxes.com/sdk/ManagingMicrosoft365/#:~:text=To%20revoke%20all%20Microsoft%20365,the%20IAdmM365AccountProperties%20interface%20to%20true%20.&text=To%20assign%20or%20revoke%20a,represents%20the%20license%20you%20need.) will remove all licenses mentioned in the variable at the top but is it possible for that script to be changed so that we can pick which licenses not to attempt to revoke?

Thanks, Gareth

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Hello Gareth,

It is not necessary to use scripts for this purpose. You can use a built-in action, Active or modify Microsoft 365 account. In the action, use option Modify properties. In the settings, you can add only the licenses that should be revoked. In the following example, only the Microsoft E5 license will be revoked and other license will remain untouched. image.png


Perfect, thank you as always!

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