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I'm evaluating Adaxes and so far, there have only been a few hiccups, and I am happy with the feature set. However, I'm a bit dissappointed that it does not seem to be able to see Azure AD Joined computers. We will be 100% Azure AD Joined for all computers, except servers, very soon. It would be very nice to be able to use the Azure AD OU feature in Adaxes to sort out those computers. Also, all of those computer groups we have that contain Azure AD Joined computers report as empty in Adaxes.

My question: Is management of Azure AD Joined computers on the TODO list for Adaxes? Or, am I just missing something to get them to show up?

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Hello Michael,

You are right, currently, there is no possibility to manage Azure AD joined computers in Adaxes. However, the feature is in our TODO list.

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Aiming to go passwordless, this is a must-have

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