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So we are currently in the process of Integrating the Adaxes Self Service tool alongside our MFA Logon provider. From what I have read there is currently no way to combine the two into a single logon provider.

The option is available for the user to select either provider. The problem is, if they select and login via the Adaxes provider they bypass the MFA protections that were put in place when using the MFA logon provider. My question is, can we disable the logon feature for the Adaxes provider? They would still be able to use the link, but no login fields would be present to give them the idea that this is a login screen that they can use. Thereby forcing them to once again click sign-in options and go back to the MFA provider.

If my request is overthought or another best practice is in place for companies that require MFA for login, please let me know or direct where needed.

Thank you in advance, Braydon


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Hello Braydon,

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. However, thank you for the suggestion. We forwarded it to the corresponding department for consideration.

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