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Hi guys,

We currently have one O365 Tenant configured in Adaxes.
We automatically assign an O365 plan (E3) with some services enabled to some users.

It would be possible to assign the same plan but with differents O365 services enabled based on scope/group membership/.. ?
To be more specific, I don't want to enable Exchange Online and Lync Online for a range of users.

Thanks in advance


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Yes, you can do that using a PowerShell script. You can use the following sample in our Script Repository: Activate Office 365 services based on group membership.

To enable/disable the services automatically once a user is added to or removed from a group, you need to create a Business Rule is follows:

  1. Create a new Business Rule.
  2. On step 2 of the Create Business Rule wizard, select Group and After Adding or removing a member from the Group.
  3. On step 3, add the Run a program or PowerShell script action and paste the script from the repository.
  4. Modify parameters of the script to match your requirements.
  5. Enter a short description and click OK.
  6. On the final step, include the groups that define active Office 365 services in the Activity Scope of the rule.

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