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I need to add many check-box list items to a Custom Command, I think the best way to do this is via PowerShell rather than through the UI.

What's the best way of doing this? I tried modifying the Items on the AdmCustomCommandParameterCheckList of the Adaxes Customer Command (AdmContainerPipelined) in question but it won't let me modify it. I could use reflection, or other tricks, but I think I'm probably doing this the wrong way.


# Connect to the Adaxes service.
$ns = New-Object "Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmNamespace"
$service = $ns.GetServiceDirectly("localhost")

# Bind to the custom commands container.
$containerPath = $service.Backend.GetConfigurationContainerPath( "CustomCommands")
$container = $service.OpenObject($containerPath, $null, $null, 0)

# Get command
$command = $container | Where-Object { $_.CommandName -eq 'My Custom Command' } | Select-Object -First 1
for($parameterIndex=0; $parameterIndex -lt $command.Parameters.Count; $parameterIndex++) {
    if($command.Parameters[$parameterIndex] -is [Softerra.Adaxes.Parameters.AdmParameterCheckList]) {
if($parameterIndex -ge $command.Parameters.Count) {
    throw "Didn't find Parameter"

# Example Items
$Items = @{
    "1" = "One"
    "2" = "Two"
    "3" = "Three"

$ItemsList = @()
foreach($Key in $Items.Keys) {
    Write-Host $Key
    $Item = [Softerra.Adaxes.Parameters.AdmParameterCheck]::new()
    $Item.ValueWhenChecked = $Key
    $Item.Name = "param-{$((New-Guid).ToString().ToUpper())}"
    $Item.DisplayName = $Items[$Key]
    $ItemsList += [Softerra.Adaxes.Interop.Adsi.Parameters.IAdmParameterCheck]$Item
    #$command.Parameters[$parameterIndex].Items.Add($Item) # fixed length array, won't work
$command.Parameters[$parameterIndex].Items = [Softerra.Adaxes.Interop.Adsi.Parameters.IAdmParameterCheck[]]$ItemsList # Also doesn't work
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Going via UI is definitely much easier. However, if you prefer using scripts, the following SDK article should be helpful: https://www.adaxes.com/sdk/IAdmParameterCheckList. Pay attention that each item has a setting for value when checked and when unchecked. If you still face issues writing the script, please, describe the desired behavior in all the possible details with live examples.


But how do I save the created instance to an existing parameter on the command?



Have a look at section Adding parameters to a custom command of the following SDK article: https://www.adaxes.com/sdk/ManagingCustomCommands/#adding-parameters-to-a-custom-command.

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