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Hi all

Primary objective is to manage cloud only group membership but in a future include cloud only accounts.

I've registered a Azure domain which is managed by app. The rules of provisioning or deprovision users including license handling. This works well.

What illudes me is how to create rules that interact with the cloud only group membership within the context of business rules, custom or even interacting with Entra id / Azure directory objects.

Within the Admin web interface the browse feature only display obejcts from AD not AAD.

I wonder if there's problem with my configuration as a whole? I've nothing in the Admin console resembling anything associated with this:

"All cloud and on-premises group memberships of a hybrid user can be viewed next to each other in the same interface. You can finally experience on-premises AD and Azure AD as a single ecosystem."


"Organizational Units for Azure AD Some say the absence of Organizational Units in Azure AD is an oversight. So we decided to fix it. Adaxes enables you to organize Azure AD objects into OUs, literally creating a directory structure out of nowhere."


Additionally the link in this post, hint of a script I think could be usefull is broken: "Add user to groups in Microsoft 365"



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How exactly did you register the Entra domain? Please, provide us with screenshots where you see it in Adaxes.

Also, , please, provide us with a screenshot of the Multi-server environment dialog. The dialog displays how many Adaxes services you have and what their versions are. For information on how to view it, see https://www.adaxes.com/help/MultiServerEnvironment.

You can post the screenshots here or send to us at support@adaxes.com.

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