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Hi team,

I cerated a report containing the creator of a object (email address stored in adaxes custom attribute).

Now I want to send out this report to everyone who is in the report, so basically export the unique email addresses and use them to send email out.

Is that technically possible?

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Unfortunately, there is no possibility to specify objects from a report as a scheduled report recipients. As an option, you can create a business unit or a group that include the required users as members and then specify the business unit/group as the scheduled report recipients.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I solved this now by myself with the following approach

  • Run normal report and save it on share as XLSX
  • Run 2nd report and export only the initiator email as CSV
  • Run a scheduled task against a domain
    • Read CSV and extract unique values
    • Send email to everyone with XLSX attached

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