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I have a Web Interface for our Voice and Data group. With this interface they manage and create VPN users. They've asked for a report that they need to import into another system. So I want to make it available to them on their web interface. It has nothing to do with VPN stuff, so I've got to assign the regular employee OU to them as well.
So if I do this in their web interface, they now have the same abilities (edit, password resets, creation, etc) on the employees OU that they have for the VPN users.

So can you seperate them in the same interface? Example: They can edit/manage the VPN user, but the regular employee users which are part of the report are for view and export only?

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Yes, it is possible. You will need to create two Security Roles for users that will need the report.
The first role will grant permissions to view all employee users. The role will look like the following:

The second role will grant permissions to view and modify VPN users. The role will look like the following:

For details on delegating permissions, have a look at tutorials in the Delegating Permissions section: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Delega ... ssions.htm.


Wow, that's fairly simple. Thank you!

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