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I am unable to install adaxes web feature on win 2016 server core, because the installer complains of web-mgmt-console feature missing.

why is web-mgmt-console necessary in the first place?

now, adaxes is an excellent product, but i think it is really critical that it works on server core (or better still, nano!). the desktop version of windows server takes too much resources, needs constant updates and reboots, and its gui is totally not needed when what i want is access from a web portal.

i really hope the adaxes dev team can hear me on this. even ms made exchange 2019 runs on core, so this is definitely the way to go in the future.

all other roles installs without a hitch on server core. ironically, server console actually works on server core.

ps./ some roles are missing too: NetFx4-AdvSrvs and IIS-ManagementConsole

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Thank you for pointing this out to us. We will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as there are any updates.


tks. i look forward to a new build that can run on server core!

i am happy to beta test :D

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We have created a custom build that includes a fix for the issue. You can download it here.

Upgrade Instructions


you guys are awesome! will try right away and report my findings!


I have a vm running server core 2016 with adds installed. This vm acts as my pdc.

I now create a new vm, also running server core 2016. I domain joined this vm to my pdc. then i installed adaxes 2018.1 x64 on it.

The 'web' component doesn't work.

1. i copied the new msi to c:\ of my vm running server core. This vm had the service and server console role installed.
2. Ran msi and chose 'change'. Added 'web' component.
3. Install failed: Specific account already exists
4. Ran msi again and chose 'repair'. Same error.
5. Ran again. Chose uninstall. Uninstall successful.
6. Ran again. Install service, server console and web components.
7. When prompted for ad account, i used the one created previously.
8. Noticed that the service page now has the 'use existing service' enabled. I chose the create new service ption.
9. Install successful.
10. visit http://<hostname>/Adaxes and logon
11. tried creating a new user and it says access is denied. is my service configured properly?



It looks like the installation went fine. Most probably, the issue occurs because the account whose credentials were used to sign in to the Web Interface has no permissions to create new users. For information on how to grant the permissions, have a look at the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Delega ... eUsers.htm.

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