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I'm new to Adaxes and this is my first post.

I need som assistance on writing an entered phone number on one hand for the human eye in the telephone attribute but on the other hand transform it to an acceptable format for Skype for Business.

Situation: HR department begins to create a new user and enters a telephone number in a human readable format.
This string format is governed by a regular expression which permits a plus sign, digits and also spaces.
Ex. "+1 23 456 789". This is written to the AD user object along other inputs and we could go ahead and save this and a working user is created. Btw, this value is also used for email signatures...

However, besides creating an ordinary AD account I want to enable Skype for Business and by the example from Adaxes I use the value reference %telephonenumber% to write the "Line URI:" attribute for the SFB user. The value reference %telephonenumber% contains spaces which is not acceptable value in Line URI.

So how do I transform this from a single entered value to something without spaces for SFB but keep the format including spaces, for the AD User object pleasing for the eye?



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Hello Micael,

This can be done by storing the phone number without spaces and the plus sign in another property of the user account. For example, you can use the Mobile Phone (LDAP name mobile) property or one of Adaxes custom attributes (e.g. CustomAttributeText1). To automatically save the updated phone number to the corresponding property you will need to use a Business Rule triggering Before Creating a User and a PowerShell script. In the Line URI field of the Enable or disable for Skype for Business (Lync) action, you will need to use the value reference for the property that stores the updated number (e.g. %adm- CustomAttributeText1%). To create the Business Rule:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration Console.

  2. In the Console Tree, right-click your service node.

  3. In the context menu, navigate to New and click Business Rule.

  4. On step 2 of the Create Business Rule wizard, select User Object type.

  5. Select Before Creating a User and click Next.

  6. Click Add an action.

  7. Select Run a program or PowerShell script.

  8. Paste the below script into the Script field. In the script:

    • $property – specifies the LDAP name of the property that will store the updated phone number;
    • $charactersToReplace – specifies the characters that will be removed from the phone number.
     $property = "adm-CustomAttributeText1" # TODO: modify me
     $charactersToReplace = @("+"," ") # TODO: modify me
     if ($Context.IsPropertyModified("telephoneNumber"))
         $telephoneNumber = $Context.GetModifiedPropertyValue("telephoneNumber")
         foreach ($character in $charactersToReplace)
             $telephoneNumber = $telephoneNumber.Replace($character, "")
         # Save updated phone number to another property
         $Context.SetModifiedPropertyValue($property, $telephoneNumber)
  9. Enter a short description and click OK.

  10. Click Next and finish creating the Business Rule.


That did it. :)
I've added this as a business rule and grouped it with the other cleaning script examples I found here.

Thanks for as swift reply.

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