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I'd like to enable users to be able to request distribution group creation. We have two Containers:

Public Distributions
Managed Distributions

In public, this is the implementation from Self Opt in/out of public distributions where users can self opt in/out of public non-managed distributions.

I would like the ability for users to be able to request a new distribution group (with a designated set of approvers). Users of this security role (User Self-Service) should be able to request creation of a distribution group in Public Distribution as well as a Managed Distribution. The difference being that if Managed and approved, they are the owner and can add/edit people at will (either in Outlook or Adaxes). If Public and approved, it will show up as a Distribution Group in "Public Distribution" container that anyone can freely subscribe.

If possible, within the same distribution group request, can the field "ms-Exch-RequireAuthToSendTo" be set to True or False? (but the form would show custom text like 'Allowed to receive e-mail externally? Yes/no' If a separate custom command must be defined just for this option, that could work too.


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  1. Create a Security Role that will allow users to create groups. See How.

  2. Assign this role to Authenticated Users for your containers (Public Distributions and Managed Distributions)

  3. Define two Home Page actions that will allow users to create groups in Public Distributions and Managed Distributions containers. See How.

    • Customize the form used for group creation. Add the ms-Exch-RequireAuthToSendTo field to the form.
    • Customize the display name for the ms-Exch-RequireAuthToSendTo field. See How.
    • Set default values for the Managed By and adm-ManagerCanUpdateMembershipViaNativeTools properties.
  4. Create a Business Rule that will be triggered before group creation and request an approval.

  5. Assign the Business Rule for the Public Distributions and Managed Distributions containers only.

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