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I need a Scheduled Task that send an email of a list of all users that have an on prem mailbox. I have found the script to check if the mailbox is on prem but have not found the way to build and email the list. It can be in CSV fomat.

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Have a look at the following script from our repository: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repositor ... s-s418.htm.


Looks like the script would build a report of all users with exchange mailboxes. How would I change it to only report on specific office locations and for people with on-prem mailboxes?

e.g. If Office = Orlando or Tampa or Miami & the mail is On-Prem add to list



Try the updated script below. In the script, the $offices variable specifies the list of possible values for the Office property of the users with on-premise Exchange mailboxes to be included into the report.

$csvFilePath = "C:\Scripts\Report.csv" # TODO: modify me
$offices = @("Orlando", "Tampa", "Miami") # TODO: modify me
$removeCsvFile = $True # TODO: modify me
$propertiesToExport = @("givenName", "middleName", "sn", "title", "co", "mail") # TODO: modify me

# Email message settings
$to = "recipient@domain.com" # TODO: modify me
$subject = "Active Users with on-premise Exchange Mailboxes" # TODO: modify me
$from = "noreply@domain.com" # TODO: Modify me
$mailServer = "mail.domain.com" # TODO: Modify me
$body = "Active Users with on-premise Exchange Mailboxes" # TODO: Modify me

function SearchObjects($filter, $propertiesToLoad)
    # Set search parameters
    $searcher = $Context.BindToObject("Adaxes://rootDSE")
    $searcher.SearchFilter = $filter
    $searcher.SearchScope = "ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE"
    $searcher.PageSize = 500
    $searcher.ReferralChasing = "ADS_CHASE_REFERRALS_NEVER"
    $searcher.VirtualRoot = $True

        # Perform the search
        $searchResultIterator = $searcher.ExecuteSearch()
        $searchResults = $searchResultIterator.FetchAll()

        return ,$searchResults
        # Release resources
        if ($searchResultIterator){ $searchResultIterator.Dispose() }

# Build filter
$dateFileTime = [System.DateTime]::UtcNow.ToFileTimeUTC()
$filter = New-Object "System.Text.StringBuilder"
foreach ($office in $offices)

# Find all active users with on-premise mailboxes in certain offices
$searchResults = SearchObjects $filter.ToString() $propertiesToExport

if ($searchResults.Length -eq 0)
    $Context.LogMessage("No active users with Exchange mailboxes found", "Information")

$records = @($NULL) * $searchResults.Length
for ($i = 0; $i -lt $searchResults.Length; $i++)
    $record = @{}
    foreach ($property in $propertiesToExport)
        $record.Add($property, $searchResults[$i].Properties[$property].Value)
    $records[$i] = New-Object PSObject -Property $record
$records | Export-Csv -Path $csvFilePath -NoTypeInformation

# Send mail
Send-MailMessage -to $to -From $from -Subject $subject -Body $body -SmtpServer $mailServer -Attachments $csvFilePath

if ($removeCsvFile)
    # Remove CSV File
    Remove-Item $csvFilePath -Force

If I wanted to exclude a list of job titles from this report how would I update the script?

Exclude a job title.

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