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I am evaulating Adaxes and have come across something that i am not sure about.

To comply with certain business regulations we will need to see when changes were approved and who authorised the change.
Looking in the logs after approving some requests it does not seem to be very intuitive to pull this information from the log.

I can see that manager X approved the request but the target object is an Adaxes approval document not the actual target object.

Is Adaxes able to report that "ManagerX Approved Userx's request to access GroupX?

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Hello Chris,

You have two options in this case.

First, you may view approved Approval Requests not in the Adaxes Service Log, but in the Approval Requests node of the Console Tree. See this help article on how to access this feature: Managing Approval Requests. This feature shows the target object of the approval request:

Another option is to generate such a report with a PowerShell script that would log the information that you require and send the report by email. If you want, we can help you or write the script for you.


Thats a great sarting poing, i had not realised that you could view previous approvals requests.

My issue with that methos is as the list gros there isnt any filtering options that i can see so we can easily extract the approvals for specific groups. Would the PS script just log it to the Adaxes log or would this just be a way to extract the info from Adaxes when an access report is needed for SOX auditing etc.



You can extract only the data you need. For more details have a look at Managing Approval Requests.


Hi - we're also reviewing the product - I'd like to second this request and expand on it (unless I'm missing a native feature).

We'd like to be able to extract a daily/weekly report showing all changes processed thru Adaxes so we can tally them up to Change Requests. As this may result in quite a lot of entries in the report, having an ability to filter - either by setting a criticality rating on each change made then filtering these when exporting, or just grouping all change types into separate areas so we can manually find the ones that required a change control submission would be good.




All changes made via Adaxes are recorded in the Service Log. Adaxes Administration Console provides a flexible mechanism to group and filter Adaxes Service Log records. For more details, see View Service Log.

Also, you may export Adaxes Service Log records to a file or send them by e-mail. During export, you may apply filters to sort and group records proceeding from your requirements. For this purpose you will need a PowerShell script. If you specify your requirements in more detail, we may help you with the script.

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