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hi again-

I'm testing the approval process.
I set up a rule to send to manager before creating a user.

When the manager receives the email, the custom fields I added to the user pattern are listed. and instead of having Start Date, it has adm-customAttributeDate.
I read in the customizing templates help file that the body cannot be changed, however, is there a way to make those custom field friendly when manager receives the email?


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Try restarting your Adaxes service for changes to take effect.


restarting the services worked.

when I get the approval req via email, for every field that's filled out, it has a comma at the end. any idea where that's coming from or how I can get rid of it?
for instance:
name: apple, cinnamon ,
title: cereal ,
start date: 10/3/2013,


2nd question-

scenario- hr initiates creating the user but the mgr has to approved.
once approved, acct is created and the helpdesk receives a copy of the form via email.
is there a way to show that the mgr approved within the email?

would adding a approved by: %manager& be sufficient since that's how the process is setup?

just want to make sure as colleagues are asking abt this.

thanks in advance.



when I get the approval req via email, for every field that's filled out, it has a comma at the end. any idea where that's coming from

It is added by Adaxes. :)

or how I can get rid of it?

Currently, it is impossible to remove it.

As to the 2nd question, we are not quite sure on what you are trying to achieve. If you want the name of the user who approved a request to be included in the email, you can use the %adm-InitiatorFullName% value reference in the e-mail notification template for approved requests. It will be substituted with the name of the user who approved the request. If you haven't changed the default e-mail template that comes with Adaxes, this information will be included in the e-mail template. For information on how to modify e-mail templates for email notifications sent during the approval workflow process, see the following tutorial (at the very bottom): http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Automat ... ilsettings.

If you meant something else, could you describe your task in more detail?



they were satisfied w/ me adding a approved by field.


reply to address - is there a way to customize the from address and have it go to HR for this particular process in the event the manager want to reply via email?

currently we left the default at noreply@localhost.



Yes, it is possible:

  • Right-click your Adaxes service and click Properties in the context menu.
  • Click the Mail Settings tab and change the email address in the From (email) field.

I totally didn't read that the correct way when I initially looked.
Thank YOU

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