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In the Reports section, there is an option to view "All Users" and then export the view. There is also an option to include additional columns.

If I include "Manager", the Manager name along with the complete AD path gets exported. Is it possible to export only the name?

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This is possible with a PowerShell script. You can create a PowerShell script that exports the columns you need and in the format you need and sends the generated report by e-mail, for example. Then, you can create a Custom Command that runs your script with the help of the Run a program or PowerShell script action to be able to generate the report on demand.

For an example of a script that generates an HTML-formatted report and sends it by email, see Example 4: Generating and emailing an AD report under Script Examples.

For instructions on how to create a Custom Command that runs the script, see the following tutorial: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveD ... ommand.htm. On step 4 of the tutorial, add the Run a program or PowerShell script action and paste your script in the Script field.

If you need assistance with the script, we can help you.

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